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Grandmothers Ring

An extra special 60-year anniversary surprise!

Knowing that Grandma Kathol's 60th wedding anniversary was coming up, Russ and DeAnne set out to create the perfect custom ring.

First, they handpicked each stone to ensure that the quality matched through all the stones. Size, color, and sparkle were important!

Next was the design! DeAnne laid out the stones in the desired pattern and had to play with different proportions. This ensured that there was enough room on the finger and enough space between the stones. She also played with the size of the stones down the side of the band to decide what would best compliment the larger stones.

Next, a CAD is made up and the design is finalized. The ring is ready to be made!

The ring is complete! There is special significance for each of the stones.

-The six different stone shapes each represent ten years of marriage, adding up to sixty years of marriage.

-The three larger round stones represent each of the three children.

-The eleven small rounds going down the side represent each of the grandchildren.

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