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"Create whatever you want, I trust you"

You want to see a jewelers face light up? Give them full creative freedom! This customer came in with previous wedding and engagement rings and said create whatever you want, I trust you.

She didn't give us any ideas, didn't want to see it until it was done. No budget, no restrictions. She just wanted it to reflect an old mess made into a new beginning and wanted all of her stones to be used.

We took mental notes of the customer's style and other jewelry worn and decided to go for white gold and a more edgy look. We had two larger but different shaped stones so we started playing around with various designs.

Once we settled on a rough design, we started figuring out proportions and how the actual stones would fit in our design.

Next it was time to finalize the design! At this point we would normally show the customer to confirm that it was what they had envisioned, but this time it was full speed ahead!

Here's how it turned out!

We love that we were able to take pieces of a bad ending and make a beautiful new beginning that will be worn every day instead of sitting in a jewelry box unworn!

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